Renault R.S. 01 : Sexy Racer

Revista Móvil

Sexy Racer” is an editorial project made by Revista Móvil, thanks to the possibility given by Renault Argentina to photoshoot the astonishing Renault R.S.01 Prototype in the Buenos Aires Auto Show. The challenge was to generate great quality and high-impact images, taken in a non-traditional situation as an auto show. To achieve this goal, the project included a very careful photographic work – made by Gonzalo Corrado and his team -, with the addition of the talent of Loucomotion to create a virtual environment that exalts the racing features of the R.S.01.
The article was published in the 19th edition of Móvil Magazine, September 2015.
Editorial Director: Renato Tarditti
Photo: Gonzalo Corrado
Digital Art: Loucomotion


Photo Production

Gonzalo Corrado

General Production: Ana Guzik
Coordination: Claudio Capace
Assistant: Patricio Campini, Ramón Velazquez, Alan Roskyn, Gisela Ajzensztat
Styling: Nancy Milrud
Makeup: Brenda Sarkissian - Perkes Gandini Make up Studio
Hair: Matias Coullery
Models: Lucila Godoy - Civiles Management, Federico Bouchard, Ivan Demitrof - Playmodel
Special participation: Emiliano Spataro, Leonel Pernia

Making-of Photo